Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What they're saying...

"In Love’s Bright Coils belongs to realm of performance art and plays like a live installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art, yet surprisingly, a very tangible and engaging narrative emerges along with the catharsis a profound work of art is able to convey." -Theatre World Internet Magazine

"...a study on how we have expressed our love throughout the past 300 years, to how we express it today...This show plays more like a 50 minute poem, rather than a cohesive story...The actors in the Genesis Ensemble deliver the emotion in the letters of the past quite well, and conversely, add comic relief to some of the digital communication foibles of today.For the $10 price of admission and the brevity of the performance, it’s worth checking out to expand your horizons." - Chicago Critic

"Overall, it’s nice to see Genesis taking these risks. This is a hugely unique show, which is a good thing.... by not playing it safe, the ensemble is free to explore new territory, making some very impressionable discoveries." - Chicago Theatre Blog

"All in all, "In Love's Bright Coils" was a fascinating glimpse into the similarities and juxtapositions of the past and present passions, communications, and hopes of humanity. A little voyeurism into other people's love affairs on a Sunday afternoon never goes amiss." - Center Stage

"Less an epistolary play than a show that plays around with epistolary conventions, Genesis Ensemble's group-devised piece about love letters in America has some undeniably touching moments." - Chicago Tribune

Now Playing through August 30th

Fridays and Saturdays 8pm
Sundays 3pm
The Charnel House
3421 West Fullerton
Chicago, IL
to reserve tickets e-mail genesis.ensemble@gmail.com

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