Tuesday, September 15, 2009

add a half a cup of sugar...

When the founding members of the Genesis Ensemble were in school at Miami University we had the pleasure of working with Sally Harrison-Pepper who likened the process of devising theatre to cooking. Her stance was that much of the success of a new work depended on the right combination of ingredients: a strong ensemble, a good concept and a certain willingness to "go there."

It’s a scary endeavor to try out a new, unfamiliar recipe- much like starting to work with a new ensemble of actors on a completely original, ensemble-created theatre piece…right?

As our third week of rehearsal comes to a close, it is clear that we have a delightful concoction on our hands. Luckily we have put together an ensemble that’s willing to take risks, that’s full of passion and is a delightful mix of personalities with different artistic points of view- and we’d especially like to welcome Jake Carr, Sarah Addison Ely, and Sergio Soltero. As we continue our exploration, we are all looking forward to serving our new piece to Chicago!!

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